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A paperback copy of my Burning Eye Books collection PANIC!, delivered directly to your door.

PANIC! - Paperback

£8.99 Regular Price
£7.19Sale Price
  • "Not suitable for a family audience" - the radio


    "Stef is a rainbow" - a man


    "Why did you write a poem about falafels?" - a teenager


    "None of what you have 'rhymed' has an conceivable merit. You have just come up with a load of shit" - someone on YouTube


    The world is a confusing, intimidating, infuriating, exciting, smelly place that makes simultaneously more and less sense the more time you spend in it. In this collection of spoken word pieces first written and performed between 2012 and 2016, Stefan Mohamed tries to sum all that up, and occasionally even succeeds, possibly.


    Contains references to forgotten but historically notable figures like UK Prime Minister David Cameron, which you could argue makes it a valuable document of its time.

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