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A paperback copy of my Verve Poetry Press poetry collection Farewell Tour, delivered directly to your door.

Farewell Tour - Paperback

  • Your island is sinking. 


    Your rainy kingdom. Your deflated swamp. Your sulky empire where it's always Tuesday morning.


    The process is already underway, but there's still time before it all collapses - so why not take a tour?

    Grotesque, whimsical and ever so slightly furious, Stefan Mohamed's new Verve Poetry Press collection is a surreal itinerary for an end-of-the-road trip. No lessons. No catharsis. Just the journey and the land.


    Drive safely!


    "It's rare to feel the thudding sadness and crumminess of England skewered with such elan" - Luke Kennard


    "Brilliant and horrible in equal measure" - Tom Sastry


    "Cheeky, observational and deliciously apocalyptic" - Molly Naylor


    "Refreshingly deranged" - Jeremy Noel-Tod


    "A road movie with thrilling loop-the-loops of language, plus a sense of dangling over a frightening drop" - Philip Gross

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