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Farewell Tour made its debut at Bristol’s Wardrobe Theatre in 2022. The show is available to book from January 2023

Your island is sinking. Your soggy kingdom. Your deflated swamp. Your sulky empire where it’s always Tuesday morning. But there’s still  time before it all collapses - so why not take a tour?

Board the End-of-the-Road Trips coach and join your tour guide for a surreal journey around a haunted, haunting, cursed and cursing land. Swoon at the curated majesty of the country’s first official ‘influencer county’! Howl with laughter at Normal Island, the nation’s favourite fake sitcom! Raise an eyebrow at the house that cannot physically be lived in! Wince as your reality becomes increasingly bizarre and grotesque - and ask yourself, exactly how trustworthy is this tour guide? 

A topical roller-coaster of pitch black comedy and riotous wordplay, Farewell Tour is my debut full-length theatrical show, based on my acclaimed Verve Poetry Press collection. Featuring original music by Oscar Lyons and animation by Henry Edmonds. If you are interested in booking the show, please get in touch here!

"Insightful, incisive … funnier than a show has the right to be" - Bristol 24/7

"Bleak, funny and furious" - Malaika Kegode


"Deliciously apocalyptic" - Molly Naylor

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